June 6 – Daily Notes – Amanda

win win

We often think of ourselves as so good and holy when we are kind to others, but what if we thought about it as a win-win? Showing kindness, forgiveness, and grace not only benefit the receiver, but they also bless the giver as well. How great is it that we can bless ourselves by serving others?

1 Kings 1:1-53:

  • 2 – Sounds like an interesting job…hard to explain on a resumé.
  • 5 – Haggith was Adonijah’s mother. David was his father. Adonijah was David’s 4th son.
  • 9-10 – Adonijah assumes, with reason, that he will be the next king. He is the oldest surviving son of David and he has support from some big names. Note that he doesn’t invite those who don’t support him to his party. Also note that he is throwing a pretty big celebration before his father is even dead.
  • 21 – King’s positions were precarious and they did not take kindly to anyone who could be a threat to their throne.
  • 50 – Holding the horns of the altar was like claiming Sanctuary or being on base in a game of tag. You were considered to be protected by God.

Acts 4:1-37:

  • 1-22 – The religious leaders assumed Jesus’ message would die with him. Unfortunately for them, Jesus’ disciples continued his ministry, which allowed it to spread further faster.
  • 25-31 – The disciples earnest prayer for favor in sharing the message of Christ is granted.
  • 32-37 – All the new Christians took care of one another. Their faith was so great it was moved to sacrificial action.

Psalm 124:1-8:

  • This psalm reminds us to give thanks and glory to God for the great things he does through and for us. We often take credit for them as if we could have done it ourselves.

Proverbs 16:24:

  • Grace and kindness are both beneficial to the giver and the recipient.