December 10th

1 Peter 3-5

  • 3:1-2 – Our kindness and goodness can often draw others to Christ.
  • 3:3-6 – Outward beauty is fleeting, but inward beauty will always be beneficial.
  • 3:13-15 – The way we live our lives is a big part of our witness. We must live righteously so people don’t have anything to question, but if they do anyway, we must be ready to share the gospel.
  • 4:1-6 – As believers, we are called to live like Christ and leave behind our old ways.
  • 4:8 – Ain’t that the truth?
  • 4:10-11 – This is a great way of looking at our gifts – that they should be used to bless others. Often, we use our gifts for our own betterment or enjoyment.
  • 4:12-19 – We are told to relish our sufferings if they are received due to faithfulness. Not all suffering is because we’ve been faithful.
  • 5:6-11 – We are encouraged to always be ready for a time when Christ can raise us up. We must be watchful, however, for stumbling blocks along the way.

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