October 7th

Acts 3-4

  • 3:1-10 – Note that when Jesus was alive, the disciples often had trouble healing people because of their lack of faith. Here, the disciples’ faith is strong enough to heal because their faith has been strengthened by the fulfillment of Jesus’ words and the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • 3:16 – It wasn’t necessarily the faith of the lame man that caused him to be healed. It isn’t made clear if he had faith, but the disciples had faith enough for him.
  • 4:1-22 – The religious leaders assumed Jesus’ message would die with him. Unfortunately for them, Jesus’ disciples continued his ministry, which allowed it to spread further faster.
  • 4:25-31 – The disciples earnest prayer for favor in sharing the message of Christ is granted.
  • 4:32-37 – All the new Christians took care of one another. Their faith was so great it was moved to sacrificial action.

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