September 12th

Mark 11-12

  • 11:9-10 – “Hosanna” means “Save us!”
  • 11:15-18 – This passage is often sited when describing Jesus’ humanity and how he felt real human emotions.
  • 11:27-33 – Jesus was adept at sidestepping the religious leaders’ attempts to incriminate him.
  • 12:1-12 – This parable describes God sending prophet after prophet to the Israelites trying to get them to repent and follow him. Over and over the prophets were rejected. Finally God sends Jesus and Jesus too is rejected and killed.
  • 12:13-17 – The image of Caesar is on the coin but the image of God is on us. We can pay our taxes as designed but give our lives to God.
  • 12:28-34 – Finally a religious leader appreciates Jesus’ answer and answers wisely as well. Jesus does not hold a grudge because of the other religious leaders’ manipulation and trickery. He instead encourages him.
  • 12:38-40 – Jesus puts the scribes’ desire to be in places of honor and noticed for their holy actions in contrast with what he has instructed his followers to do – humble themselves and let the last be first.
  • 12:41-44 – It’s not the amount but the sacrifice that God values.

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