September 11th

Mark 9-10

  • 9:13 – John the Baptist was often compared to Elijah.
  • 9:24 – Often our problem is unbelief. We may believe in God’s power and ability in certain areas of life, but in others we think we need to handle it.
  • 9:38-41 – Jesus makes similar comments multiple times regarding people who didn’t officially follow him. As long as they were serving others and not preaching a false message, Jesus felt like they were on the same team.
  • 9:42-48 – Whatever it is that causes us to stumble, we should remove.
  • 10:15 – How do you think a child would receive the kingdom of God?
  • 10:17-22 – Though this young man is often seen in a negative light, note that Jesus looks on him and loves him. The young man simply had his priorities out of order. He loved his things more than he wanted to follow Jesus.
  • 10:29-30 – What we sacrifice for God, he repays 100x.
  • 10:31 – Much of Jesus’ ministry was combatting cultural norms and flipping them upside down.
  • 10:35 – A pretty bold request.
  • 10:42-45 – We are often concerned with status and being recognized for our skills and accomplishments. Jesus calls us to serve if we hope to lead.
  • 10:52 – Many who were healed or who had demons removed would go and tell about what Jesus did. Bartimaeus, on the other hand, followed him. And here’s a rockin youth group song that tells the story.

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