September 9th

Mark 5-6

  • 5:12-13 – Interesting that Jesus allows a demonic spirit to influence his decision.
  • 5:28 – Clearly Jesus’ reputation preceded him if she had that much confidence in just touching his garment.
  • 5:30 – Jesus had great perception of his connection to God and his power that came from him because he knew when any left him.
  • 5:34 – Faith is often attributed with effectiveness in healing, miraculous acts, etc.
  • 5:35-43 – The first time we read of Jesus raising someone from the dead. Certainly Jairus had lost hope. Once again, Jesus tells them to keep quiet.
  • 6:1-6 – Instead of astonished and amazed at Jesus’ words and deeds, his hometown became angry because he was only a carpenter’s son from a small town.
  • 6:10-11 – It was customary to welcome travelers into your home.
  • 6:12-13 – The disciples watch Jesus for a while and then he invites them to be a part of his ministry.
  • 6:34 – “Sheep without a shepherd” – like any of us before we find Christ.
  • 6:44 – Five thousand men means there were at least as many women and children.
  • 6:46 – Jesus is frequently described as going off by himself to pray. This seems to be how he regroups and reconnects after strenuous teaching or healings.
  • 6:52 – Once again we see someone’s heart hardened. It does not mention who did the hardening this time. When our hearts are hardened we are unable to recognize God’s work.

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