September 8th

Mark 3-4

  • 3:1-6 – Key verses for hope for healing
  • 3:10 – Could be explanation why he tried to silence anyone he healed.
  • 3:19 – Spoiler alert.
  • 3:22-27 – Jesus explains that he can’t be rooting for both teams. For Beelzebul to be successful, he would first have to stop Jesus.
  • 3:31-35 – Many people read this as a slight towards Jesus’ mother and siblings. The more important aspect is that Jesus is equating faithfulness to God with being a part of the same family.
  • The parable of the 4 soils is explained by Jesus as the way various people react when having heard the word of God. For many, it will not take root.
  • 4:21 – The inspiration for the song “This Little Light of Mine.”
  • 4:30-32 – The mustard seed does not form the largest tree, but it does grow extremely quickly and in wild fashion.
  • 4:39-41 – Jesus, through his actions and words is consistently having to remind the disciples of his power and ability.

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