September 2nd

Matthew 21-22

  • 21:1 – Many times heading towards Jerusalem has been referenced thus far in Matthew, now they are finally arriving
  • 21:7 – Some ancient Jews believed the Messiah would come as a military hero, yet he arrived on a borrowed donkey
  • 21:9 – Hosanna means “Save us!”
  • 21:12 – is often referenced when confirming that Jesus had human emotions
  • Pigeons were being sold so people could use them to sacrifice
  • 21:23-27 – Jesus often answered a question with a question
  • 21:28-32 – obedience parable – who actually loves God? Those who’ve messed up but are seeking to be more and more faithful or the person who continually talks about their faith but doesn’t live it?
  • 21:33-46 – the Israelites and religious leaders rejected multiple prophets trying to get them to straighten up and then they rejected Jesus
  • 22:1-14 – a parable explaining the peoples’ contempt for and rejection of Jesus’ message. The person at the end without the wedding garment represents the judgment of those who did not accept Jesus as the Messiah.
  • 22:17-22 – Caesar’s image was on the coin. It belongs to Caesar. God’s image is on all of us. We belong to God.
  • 22:29-33 – The Sadducees try to stump Jesus but he explains that there question is irrelevant because terms need to be redefined in light of the resurrection.
  • 22:37-39 – one of the few times Jesus answers a question directly

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