August 5th

Zechariah 9-14

  • 9:1-8 – The prophecy announces judgment to come down on a variety of Israel’s enemies.
  • 9:9-13 – This prophecy is fulfilled by Jesus when he rides into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday.
  • 10:1-12 – These verses establish that Judah and Israel will be restored to greatness. The last few verses show the turning of the tides between those who are currently powerful and the Israelites.
  • 11:7-16 – This is a difficult passage to understand. It is a vision that depicts a shepherd breaking covenants. Verse 16 speaks of a future shepherd who doesn’t seem to be describing Jesus.
  • 11:17 – This verse makes it clear that the shepherd in the vision is not Jesus.
  • 12:1-5 – This oracle explains that Judah and Jerusalem will both be a challenge for anyone who possesses them and tries
  • 12:10 – Most people would consider this a prophecy fulfilled by Jesus.
  • 13:1-6 – This alludes to Christ’s death when people are freely forgiven of their sins.
  • 14:1-21 – This chapter describes the day of the Lord and what God’s enemies should expect on that day. It does not sound good for his enemies.

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