August 4th

Zechariah 5-8

  • 6:1-8 – The horses and chariots seem to represent God’s power returning to Judah and Israel.
  • 7:9-14 – Zerubbabel and Joshua were to work together to rebuild the temple.
  • 7:8-10 – God tells the Israelites, through Zechariah, exactly how he wants them to live. He is looking for kindness, mercy, and help for the poor.
  • 7:11-14 – The Israelites didn’t listen but hardened their hearts
  • 8:1-8 – God promises to restore Jerusalem and paints a desirably picture of the state to which it will return.
  • 8:14-17 – God reminds the Israelites of why he brought destruction on their ancestors and explains how he would like for them to live so he can fully prosper them.

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