June 11th

Proverbs 28-31

  • 28:1— When we’re entrapped in sin, we constantly have to watch our backs and wait for the other shoe to drop. When we are living faithfully, there is freedom from this fear.
  • 28:5— This is an interesting point. If we seek the Lord, he steers us to what is good and pleasing in his sight.
  • 28:13— It is so hard to admit where we are wrong, but it brings freedom for us and others.
  • 28:14— We harden out hearts through perpetually choosing sin over faithfulness. Perpetually choosing sin is guaranteed to destroy us
  • 28:16— Leaders are appointed to protect their people and have higher standards upon them.
  • 28:27— We are blessed to be a blessing. When we fail to use those blessings to help others, we often cease to receive those blessings.
  • 29:1— When we don’t listen to correction, we are doomed to destruction.
  • 29:2— The righteous treat people well, but the wicked are hard on the people.
  • 29:6— This verse depicts the weight of sin and the freedom in righteousness
  • 29:11— Over and over in the proverbs restraint is valued. Wisdom is knowing when to act or speak and when to refrain
  • 29:18— God’s visions and law keep people in line with God’s ultimate purpose for them and for the world.
  • 29:23— We are to humble ourselves and allow God to lift us up when appropriate.
  • 29:27— This is an interesting thing to think about. The lifestyle of a righteous man is equally as detestable to a wicked man as the opposite.
  • 30:4— These are a series of rhetorical questions to which the answer is always God alone.
  • 30:5-6— God’s words are good, true, and helpful. We tend to want to change them up to better suit us, but this is wrong
  • 30:7-9— These are beautiful requests asking God to give exactly what is needed, no more and no less.
  • 30:11-14— These verses warn us that there are people out there who have evil in their heart and act upon it.
  • 30:15-16— These verses explore the depth of greed out there. No one is specifically identified as possessing these qualities, but the qualities are made clear
  • 30:24-28— These are fascinating examples of creatures who have been given little but make the most of it. Presumably, we could learn a lot from them
  • 31:4-7— Here, leaders are instructed not to get drunk because it can only harm their reign. Instead the proper place for mind-altering drinks is listed.
  • 31:10-24— These verses describe an excellent wife. Her characteristics include productivity, generosity, care for others, integrity, and preparedness
  • 31:25-31— These verses make it clear what should matter in a woman’s worth. Physical beauty is not one of them

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