June 8th

Proverbs 19-21

  • 19:1— This is in exact contrast to how our society lives and thinks.
  • 19:3— This is in exact contrast to how our society lives and thinks.
  • 19:4— Just a few verses earlier, the author tells the reader to choose your friendships carefully and here explains that we often choose our friends for the wrong reasons.
  • 19:6-7— Once again we’re confronted with our bias towards wealth. Poor men tend to be left in a lurch by everyone where as people come out of the woodworks for someone with money or influence.
  • 19:8-9— Verses 8 and 9 stand in contrast with one another giving options for success and failure.
  • 19:14— Advice to choose your spouse wisely.
  • 19:17— This is reminiscent of the separation of the sheep and the goats in Matthew 25. Those who served the poor and needy actually served Jesus. Though the poor person is not able to repay the generous person, the Lord is able.
  • 19:18-19—Other translations say “while there is hope” instead of “for there is hope”. The writer urges the reader to discipline a child while they’re still moldable unless you want to contribute to their destruction
  • 19:20— God puts people in our lives to advise and guide us. We should pay attention to them.
  • 19:24— This verse is basically repeated in Proverbs 26:15. Clearly Solomon was not pleased with laziness and did not believe it displayed godliness or wisdom.
  • 19:27-29— Sometimes circumstances allow or force us to discontinue faithfully listening to wise counsel. Just look at Rehoboam’s story from yesterday’s reading. He ceased to hear instruction to be kind to his constituents.
  • 20:1— Handle your liquor or don’t have it at all.
  • 20:3— Avoiding unnecessary conflict is wise. Fools tend to rush into it.
  • 20:7— What an encouragement to live faithfully so our children can see it, learn from it, and be blessed.
  • 20:8-10— None of us can claim to have made our own hearts pure. Jesus is the only one who can do that for us.
  • 20:12— The Lord gives us our senses – these are just some of the ways he’s given us to experience him.
  • 20:13— Laziness doesn’t pay. We have to work to take care of ourselves
  • 20:17— This is so true of sin in general. The rewards of our sin are often so glamorous and exciting, but only for a short time. Ultimately they are destructive and painful.
  • 20:19— Often the person who tells you great gossip well tell yours as well. Better not to associate with them at all
  • 20:20-21— God clearly meant the “honor your father and mother” law
  • 20:24— This is a very intriguing question. It is basically that God guides our paths and leads us to where we need to go. If he is capable of that, who are we to expect to understand why or how he does it?
  • 20:27— It is the Spirit’s job to test our hearts and help convict us in the places where we are not obeying God.
  • 21:4— We always have reason to be humble because we are not God
  • 21:5— The Proverbs encourage us over and over again to think through our actions and decisions and not act hastily
  • 21:11-12— Because we are prideful, we often hate instruction or punishment. We rarely recognize that it is for our ultimate good and we need it to grow
  • 21:17—– It is not bad to love pleasurable things, but it is bad to let them rule us
  • 21:20— The wise man takes care of what he has and keeps it safe. The foolish man uses is frivolously
  • 21:23— Our mouths tend to get us into trouble. It is wise to watch our words and think through them carefully
  • 21:26— What a powerful verse! When we are lazy and sloth-y, we tend to constantly want and need. The righteous, on the other hand, are willing to give and give abundantly

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