June 5th

Proverbs 10-12

  • 10:2— Intriguing considering our cultural priorities
  • 10:11-12— The difference in result when our words are righteous and when they’re wicked.
  • 10:19— We should all seek to be listeners first
  • 11:1-3— God cares about the way we conduct business. He cares about the morals and ethics we show to the world.
  • 11:12-13— It seems that we still have the same problems that ancient Jews did. They struggled with slander and trustworthiness and we do as well. The Proverbs are helpful for us even today.
  • 11:15— This is warning not to make promises you can’t keep and specifically not to promise something that someone else is intended to keep because you can never guarantee it.
  • 11:16-17— This verse is problematic in that the Proverbs usually teach that unrighteous behavior leads to our downfall, but here it follows that suit except when speaking of violent men.
  • 11:18-19— Note that it may not be much comfort to us that good wins out in this verse. Though the wicked’s wages are deceptive, they still earn wages.
  • 11:22— Jewish people consider pigs to be unclean. Wasting gold on an unclean animal is like wasting the beauty and goodness of a woman on someone who will throw themselves around as if they weren’t created in the image of God.
  • 11:24-26— This should not be mistaken for “the prosperity gospel” that God wants to make all the faithful people rich. Vs. 24 might sound like this, but often we go richer and things far more important than money when we choose to trust God with our finances.
  • 11:27— If you look for trouble, you’ll find it
  • 11:28— Because we have so much, it is so easy for us to rely on our own wealth and abilities to take care of ourselves. This Proverb warns that this strategy will ultimately fail.
  • 12:4— Wives can choose to bless their husband or harm them. This manifests in a variety of ways.
  • 12:11— We are to care for and work with what God has given us. Too often we seek out anything else we think might bring us pleasure. These are vain pursuits.
  • 12:12-14— We often want the wealth and success of someone who gained it illegitimately because it seemed easy, but we should find joy in the fruit born by righteous efforts.
  • 12:15— Though advice from others should never trump what God calls us to do, we are to seek wise counsel from those around us who can be trusted
  • 12:16— This is a helpful thought for those of us who are easily angered.
  • 12:18— Think about how true this has been in your own life. Careless words can be so hurtful and wise words so healing. This can be a reminder to us to choose wise words for others.

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