May 22nd

Job 8-11

  • 8:1-22 – Job’s friend, Bildad, has a similar response. He tells Job his kids had sinned against God and thus got what they deserved. Bildad encourages Job to turn back towards God because surely then God would not reject him. He seems like a great friend…
  • 9:1-35 – Job continues to show reverence to God and admit that he doesn’t know the depths of reasoning that God does.
  • 10:1-22—This is Job’s long-winded way of saying “Seriously God? Why is this happening? What could I have possibly done to deserve this?”
  • 11:1-20 – Zophar is Job’s third friend. Zophar actually seems wiser than the rest- what he’s saying is very similar to what God will eventually tell Job: 1. Stop assuming you haven’t done anything wrong, just because you think you’re innocent doesn’t mean God feels the same way 2. God is wiser than you. God is smarter than you. God knows a whole lot of things that you will never know and therefore it’s foolish for you to try and understand God’s motives. 3. No matter how bad this gets it’s probably not as bad as you deserve 4. Repent. Zophar isn’t entirely accurate- the book clearly states that in fact God held Job to be entirely pure and without sin, so parts 1 and 4 are wrong (though they absolutely apply to the vast majority of us!), but he got the middle part right.

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