May 21st

Job 4-7

  • 4:1-5:27 – Job’s friend, Eliphaz, suggests that it is Job’s sin that has brought his troubles about. While sin does bring on some of our afflictions, ancient cultures believed that all infirmities and difficulties (i.e. blindness or paralysis) were brought on by the sin of you or your parents. This belief persists until the Jesus’ time (and long after), and Jesus spoke clearly against it on several occasions, but even in the Old Testament there are times when God makes it clear that sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason. In some ways the book of Job tries to make this point, but I’m not sure it does a good job of it since everything bad that happens to Job happens because God told Satan to do it. Rather than there being no reason for everything that happens to him, Job has to live with the fact that there is a reason for it, but he’ll never be able to understand it.
  • 6:1-7:21 – Job’s response asks to be shown whatever sin he has. He ends by asking God why he won’t take the pain and torment off of him.

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