May 14th

Jonah 1-4

  • 1:1-3 – This is a crucial mistake by Jonah. God calls him to do one thing; instead, he chooses to do another. We cannot hide from God.
  • 1:17 – One of the most famous verses in Scripture, but note, it was a fish, not a whale. Actually, the word that’s translated as fish really just means “giant sea creature”. So, it could’ve been a fish, a whale, a shark, etc. A number of Biblical scholars even think it was some sort of creature created by God just for this purpose.
  • 2:1-10 – Jonah prays for mercy and believes God will rescue him. God does.
  • 3:4-5 – This is what God wants! When we are called out for our sins, we repent and turn back to him.
  • 4:1-3 – Jonah was angry that God extended salvation to the Ninevites because they were gentiles. Jonah was a Jew and didn’t want God’s grace to extend to gentiles. He hates that the Ninevites are saved.
  • 4:5-11 – Jonah chooses to pout. God’s little object lesson with the plant is intended to put Jonah in his place- God is trying to show Jonah why it matters to him that the people of Nineveh have repented and why God’s grace is extended to them. The book ends without disclosing whether or not Jonah changes his mind and his attitude.

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