May 9th

Hosea 11-14

  • 11:1-4—A beautiful image of God caring for his people
  • 11:5-12—God is in a sort of emotional turmoil- his deep love and compassion for Israel is at odds with his anger at their treatment and abandonment of him. God is unusually vulnerable in this passage.
  • 12:1-14—This is a summary of all the ways in which Israel and Judah have been unfaithful or immoral- going right to the very beginning with Jacob robbing Esau of his birthright
  • 13:1-16—In contrast to the turmoil of earlier passages, here God’s resolved to do what is necessary in response to Israel’s continuous sin
  • 14:8-9 – God recognizes that some people will hear his words and repent while others will hear them and keep on sinning. He affirms those who will listen.

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