May 5th

Isaiah 61-64

  • 61:1-2 – Jesus quotes this passage exactly in Luke 4:18-19 in his first public sermon. His audience instantly recognized that he was claiming that Isaiah was writing about Jesus.
  • 61:1-11 – God declares his year of favor. Debts are forgiven. Those who suffer and mourn will be comforted…and a lot of other great stuff.
  • 62:1-5 – God continues to proclaim wonderful restorative acts for Israel.
  • 62:6-12 – God continues to paint the picture of Jerusalem’s coming salvation. He speaks of preparations for that day and makes promises that the Israelites will no longer be defeated. While these are promises for Jerusalem and the Jewish people, there’s a double meaning here: it’s also a metaphor for the second coming of the Messiah, and the day of God’s final victory over evil.
  • 63:1-6 – God speaks of how he took vengeance on his enemies.
  • 63:7-19 – The speaker changes to someone who is remembering how merciful God has been and then asking for more of that mercy.
  • 64:1-12 – They continue to ask to see God’s power in saving them and bringing them out of trouble.

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