May 3rd

Isaiah 55-57

  • 55:1-13 – The words to the Israelites are restorative and healing. God paints a picture of taking great care of the Israelites. This theme of God providing food and water- specifically, food and water that satisfies in a way that regular food and water cannot- is repeated by Jesus a lot. It’s easy to get the sense that Isaiah was one of Jesus’ favorite texts to read.
  • 56:1-8—Here God is extending His covenant- originally only open to the Israelites- to all people and all nations. This would have been radical, and possibly even considered heretical by the religious leadership, when it was first written.
  • 56:9-12—Immediately after God invites the whole world into His covenant family, we learn why he’s done this: Israel’s leadership is corrupt and unfaithful (no surprise there if you’ve been reading the Old Testament), but God is making it clear that the corruption of Israel’s leaders has made this necessary.
  • 57:1-13 – Here the Lord explains what happens if sinners don’t repent. He continues to mock all kinds of idolatry.
  • 57:14-21—Even after condemning the Israelite leadership, God reminds the people that a) repenting and humbling themselves will lead to God’s forgiveness because b)God is merciful and loving. Every message of judgment and condemnation in Isaiah is accompanied by a message of hope, love, and mercy.

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