May 2nd

Isaiah 52-54


  • 52:6 – So often, including the prophet Isaiah, biblical characters have responded with “here I am”. Here God explains that he will answer in this same way when it’s time for Israel to be restored.
  • 52:7-12 – The “good news” this passage refers to is the salvation of Jerusalem. This beautiful, poetic explanation is a great reflection of the beauty of salvation.
  • 53:1—This short verse in the beginning is written from the perspective of the kings mentioned in 52:15- essentially they’re defending themselves to God by saying “even if you had told us explicitly who Jesus really was, how could you expect us to believe that?”
  • 53:2-3—The incredulity of the kings continues- how could this guy be God incarnate? These verses are mostly here to indicate that the Messiah is not going to be the kind of person everyone expects him to be.
  • 53:4-9—One of the prophecies about Jesus’ death, which also explains the purpose of his death. The interesting thing about these prophecies is that there is no way that Jesus could have intentionally fulfilled them- in other words, it would’ve been impossible for a man who had read these prophecies to then intentionally make them happen- almost all of them are outside of his control. This is why we believe that passages like this prove that Jesus was telling the truth about himself.
  • 53:9—Remember, Jesus is placed in the tomb of a rich man after he dies. A prime example of something he had no control over.
  • 54:1-17 – God acknowledges that he did allow the Israelites to go into exile, but tells them that he is going to restore them and their enemies will not be able to overtake them anymore.

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