April 27th

Isaiah 36-38

  • 36:1-22 – The Assyrians have laid siege to Jerusalem- there is no way that Judah can go toe-to-toe with them in battle, but a walled city like Jerusalem would have been able to withstand a siege for years at a time. There were springs of water and gardens within the city walls in addition to large stores of food, and the walls made it impossible for the Assyrians to simply attack them head on. Sieges like this were almost always very long, drawn out affairs. Because of this, in the ancient world and on into medieval times the standard rule of war was that if a city under siege surrendered, its inhabitants would be spared, but if it never surrendered, the conquering army would kill everyone in the city if they broke through the walls. So, Hezekiah’s options, as he sees them, are to A) surrender now and guarantee that his people will live or B) refuse to surrender and gamble that he can outlast the Assyrians, risking the lives of the entire city in the process. That’s why he’s so distraught- it looks to him as if he’s stuck between a rock and hard place.
  • 37:1-7 – Hezekiah’s reign as king gets mixed reviews, but in this moment he’s faithful.
  • 37:14-20 – Hezekiah is not pleading to God based on his own merit, he is pleading to God’s sovereignty and goodness. He also asks that God save his people so that God may be glorified. This should be our desire in everything we ask God – that he might be glorified through showing his goodness.
  • 37:36-38 – God told the people of Judah they didn’t need to worry and then he proved it.
  • 38:1-22 – Hezekiah pleads to the Lord to extend his life and the Lord does.

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