April 25th

Isaiah 28-30

  • 28:14-15—As you read more and more of the prophetic texts, you’ll notice a common theme- Israel and Judah were certain that they were invincible. In particular, Judah was certain that they could never be conquered, especially the city of Jerusalem because Jerusalem was God’s city, with God’s temple, and they were God’s people. Even when they were worshipping pagan gods they never stopped believing this. Ultimately, this assumption that they had some sort of immunity to God’s judgement led to their destruction as a nation.
  • 28:16-18 – Here Isaiah refers to a cornerstone. Some believe that this is a Messianic prophecy like when Jesus is referred to as the cornerstone on which others will break themselves.
  • 28:23-29 – Just as the farmer knows the proper ways to care for his crops, God knows the proper ways to care for his people.
  • 29:9-12 – The Holy Spirit reveals more of God to those who believe.
  • 29:13-16 – Many people claimed to love and follow God, they even participated in many of the rituals, but their hearts and actions were not faithful.
  • 29:22-24 – God foretells a time when the Israelites will return to faithfulness.
  • 30:15-17 – Judah’s strength, and ours for that matter, is in repentance and humility before the Lord. Our strength is through him.
  • 30:19-22 – Though the Israelites had faced a difficult time of oppression, God promises them that they will be restored to him. Vs. 21 is a powerful explanation of how God leads us through the Holy Spirit.

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