April 24th

Isaiah 23-27

  • 23:1-18 – This prophecy is against Tyre and Sidon explaining their impending destruction.
  • 24:1-23 – This chapter ends the prophecies against various cities and begins an apocalyptic section.
  • 25:1-12—This is praising God for deliverance from oppression. What’s interesting is that this was written down over a century before the Exile in Babylon. Isaiah is praising God for delivering the people from oppression before the oppression has even begun
  • 26:1-21—Again, this is Isaiah speaking about events far, far in the future. This time it’s Judah’s eventual triumph over their enemies
  • 27:1-12—Now he’s speaking about the return from Exile- again, this is over a century before the exile even begins. So, while Isaiah is telling Israel that God is going to judge them harshly, he’s also telling them that God will still redeem them in the end- this theme of judgement and hope runs throughout the book of Isaiah.

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