What to expect this week

We’re powering through Isaiah!

I know this book is long and it’s difficult to read and understand. It’s full of long, poetic prophecies of judgment and hope that are beautiful in small doses, but we have trouble focusing and comprehending the written word when it’s not written in the form of a story, and that’s what makes the prophetic books so difficult.

That said, Isaiah is one of the richest and most important books in the Bible; a huge amount of our theology is based largely on Isaiah and many of the texts that prove that Jesus was who he said he was, and that tell of us about the Second Coming of Christ, are found in Isaiah.

Because Isaiah is so important, we want to help you read it as much as we can. This Wednesday’s (4/25) Bible study is all about Isaiah, and I’ll be preaching on Isaiah on Sunday (4/29). See y’all on Sunday!

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