April 21st

Isaiah 9-12

  • 9:1-7 – A prophecy describing the Messiah that is to come. Enjoy this musical interpretation of this powerful prophecy. You’ve heard it before, since it’s popular around Christmastime. Here’s the interesting part- this verse is talking about three different events, widely separated in time:
    • First, it’s talking about the Persian conquest of Babylon by Cyrus the Great, who allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem, ending the Exile. The titles listed in verse 6 were all applied to Cyrus at one time or another during his life.
    • Second, it’s talking about the Messiah- predicting the birth of Christ
    • Third, it’s talking about the second coming of Christ. We know this because much of what’s mentioned here hasn’t yet come to pass- endless peace, the end of oppression, the “government upon his shoulders”, etc. This passage was a promise of hope first to the Israelites who were about to go into exile, later to the Israelites under Roman rule, and now to us as we await the second coming of the Messiah.
  • 9: 8-21 – This foretells the coming demise of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Though God’s hand is still available, the people continue to walk towards evil and destruction.
  • 10:5-19 – God used Assyria to punish Israel when Assyria toppled Israel, but now God is speaking against them because they have overstepped their bounds and are going after Jerusalem.
  • 10:20-23 – Though the Israelites in the Northern Kingdom were occupied by Assyria and only a few remained, they were able to have hope because God said they would eventually be able to return to relying on him.
  • 10:4-27 – God assures Judah that they will not be overtaken by Assyria like Israel was.
  • 11:1-16 – This is another Messianic prophecy. The root of Jesse refers to Jesse, David’s father. Jesus was from David’s line and thus part of Jesse’s family. Ultimately, this passage, like so many others in Isaiah, is referring both to the birth of Christ and to the second coming of Christ and the incredible peace and joy that will come with God’s final victory over evil.
  • 12:2 – The second half of this verse is repeated two other times in Scripture: Exodus 15:2 and Psalm 118:14. It is a powerful thought that God acts first as our strength and this leads him into the roll of our salvation.

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