April 13th

2 Kings 8-11

  • 8:10 – God made it clear that the king would not die from the illness, but he would die soon.
  • 8:15 – Hazael kills the king by putting a wet, heavy blanket on his face and suffocating him.
  • 9:1—You’ve read the phrase “gird up your loins” a few times now, and you’re going to read it a lot more as we continue through the Old Testament. Here’s an excellent visual aid and a brief description of what it means
  • 9:4-6 – Jehu is made king over Israel after quite a line of evil kings.
  • 9:14-22 – Joram was king of Israel. Jehu wanted to be. Ahaziah was the short-lived king of Judah. Jehu confirms that he’s not coming in peace because peace is impossible while Joram still allows his mother Jezebel’s evil ways to remain in the land.
  • 9:25-26 – King Ahab wanted to buy Naboth’s plot of land, but Naboth wouldn’t sell. Jezebal told Ahab to have Naboth killed, so he did.
  • 9:29 – This is the same Ahaziah that just died. There was also a king of Israel named Ahaziah, but he’s already come and gone. Confused yet? This verse is here because Ahaziah King of Judah hasn’t been discussed much, and the author wants to clarify the timeline a bit.
  • 10:1-8 – Naturally, one of Ahab’s sons should have become king after Ahaziah’s death, but Jehu assures that doesn’t happen by killing them all.
  • 10:18-31 – Jehu seems to have such potential to be faithful to God by wiping out Baal from Israel, but he remains sinful in other ways.
  • 11:12 – Though Athaliah was ruling in Judah, Joash was the rightful king. When he was 7, he was crowned king by Jehoiada the priest.

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