April 4th


1 Kings 1-3

  • 1:2 – Sounds like an interesting job…hard to explain on a resumé.
  • 1:5 – Haggith was Adonijah’s mother. David was his father. Adonijah was David’s 4th
  • 1:9-10 – Adonijah assumes, with reason, that he will be the next king. He is the oldest surviving son of David and he has support from some big names. Note that he doesn’t invite those who don’t support him to his party. Also note that he is throwing a pretty big celebration before his father is even dead.
  • 1:21 – King’s positions were precarious and they did not take kindly to anyone who could be a threat to their throne.
  • 1:50 – Holding the horns of the altar was like claiming Sanctuary or being on base in a game of tag. You were considered to be protected by God.
  • 2:1-4 – David encourages Solomon to follow the Lord and that this will result in having someone in his line remain on the throne.
  • 2:5-9 – David asks Solomon to avenge the wrongs done to him that he did not avenge himself.
  • 2:13-25 – Adonijah’s request to receive part of the king’s harem, Abishag, is a clear play at taking over the throne. Solomon recognizes this move and squelches it quickly.
  • 2:26-27 – Abiathar’s life is spared because he served David faithfully, but, because he sided with Adonijah, and because God had promised to remove Eli’s family from the priesthood, he is removed from the priesthood.
  • 2:28-35 – The only exception to the asylum offered through grabbing the horns altar was if your sin was done with deliberate intent. Solomon felt justified because Joab’s murders were committed with intent.
  • 3:4-15 – In Solomon’s dream, of all the things he could ask of the Lord, he asks for understanding and discernment – wisdom.

3:16-28 – This story makes it clear that God granted Solomon’s request for wisdom and discernment even though he asked in a dream.

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