March 16th

Judges 16-18

  • 16:4-17 – Clearly Samson is smitten by Delilah because she continually betrays him and tries to trap him into being overtaken by the Philistines even though she acts like he is in the wrong for lying to her about his source of strength.
  • 16:25-30 – Samson’s strength is restored and he’s able to use it to take down thousands of Philistines. His death is seen as honorable and as retribution for how the Philistines treated him.
  • 17:1-6 – Clearly the Israelites are running amuck. Stealing, making idols, having household gods.
  • 17:12-13 – Micah has basically created his own little temple, which is a problem- he’s setting up a false religion; this is further evidence of just how far Israel has fallen at this point in the story.
  • 18:14-20 – What would initially be expected is that the Danites would discover the household gods and carved images and destroy them, but instead, they take them and take Micah’s priest as well.
  • 18:27-31— God didn’t command them to do this- they just decided to do it. This is mass murder, plain and simple, and God has nothing to do with it- at this point, it’s becoming clear that the Israelites have no idea who God is anymore.

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