March 2nd

Deuteronomy 24-27

  • 24: 1-4 – This should not be read as encouragement to divorce. In the New Testament Jesus explains that Moses gave instructions for divorce because the Israelites’ hearts were hard. In other words, they were doing it anyway so Moses gave them parameters. These are Moses’ parameters.
  • 24:16 – Certain parts of Scripture explain that sins are passed down through generations and/or certain consequences (like not being a part of the assembly of God) can be passed down. This, however, prohibits a father being killed for his son’s sins and vice versa.
  • 24: 19-22 – The Israelites are continually reminded to provide for travelers, orphans, and widows because they were once in a position where they could not provide for themselves.
  • 25:4—Oxen were used to turn the huge millstones that ground grain into flour. Most people would muzzle the ox to prevent it from eating any of the grain in the mill (a lot of it would fall off the millstones and onto the floor during the milling process). The Israelites are forbidden from doing this- if they’re going to make an ox work for them, they’re going to have to let it enjoy some of the fruits of its labor.
  • 25: 7-10 – One of the few times in Scripture where a woman is allowed (even encouraged) to disrespect a man. And it’s funny that the man’s house is now called “the house of him who had his sandal pulled off” (though it wasn’t funny at the time).
  • 25: 13-16 – Weights were used for buying and selling agricultural products. Some people would try to cheat by using an unfair weight and causing others to pay too much for what they received.
  • 26: 5-11 – Moses commands the Israelites to give of their first fruits and acknowledge God’s faithfulness when they have success.
  • 26: 18-19 – All nations were not required to give back to God and acknowledge him. Only Israel, his chosen people, were, but that also meant that they received greater blessings.
  • 27: 16-26 – The word, “amen’s” meaning is significant as the Israelites’ response because it means “so be it”. In other words, they are accepting the consequences of being cursed if they fail in these areas. (Spoiler: they will fail in all of these areas, and then get mad at God when he punished them for it, even though they’re agreeing to the terms in these verses)

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