February 27th

Deuteronomy 15-16

  • 15:1 – The 7th year was known as the Jubilee when all debts were forgiven and possessions were returned to their rightful owner. How much better would our world be if we still practiced this?
  • 15:6 – It was important for the Israelites not to borrow from anyone else so that no one else could boast that they had contributed to Israel’s wealth or prosperity. God alone was the giver of their blessings.
  • 16:6—This will, eventually, be the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • 16:8— “Solemn” doesn’t sound like a good thing- we associate it with the word “somber”, but solemn is a word that describes a level of sincerity, not a lack of cheer. This is God creating another Sabbath day for his people, in addition to the weekly Sabbath they already keep. So, it’s a good thing, and a day of rest.

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