What to expect this week

We finish Numbers and start Deuteronomy.

The word Deuteronomy comes from a Greek word that means “second law”; this is because Deuteronomy restates much of the Law written in Leviticus. This book is Moses’ last sermon to Israel- it’s his final public address as their leader.

Moses will die before the Israelites enter the Promised Land, and he knows it. Still, he’s spent over forty years leading these people and during that time he hasn’t been merely their political leader- he’s served as the mediator of God’s will for Israel. God has communicated to Israel through Moses, and Moses has been responsible for teaching Israel how to live in accordance with God’s will. Now, they will finally enter the Promised Land, and Moses won’t be with them. He must have felt the way so many parents feel when their children leave to go live on their own; as you read Deuteronomy, try to put yourself in Moses’ shoes and see this book as he saw it.

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