February 17th

Numbers 25-27

  • 25:1-5 – God takes idolatry and worship of other gods very seriously. Israel’s continues disobedience and lack of faithfulness is truly astounding at this point- it seems incomprehensible that they could continue to make the same mistake so many times even when they know what the consequences are- and yet that’s a constant theme in human behavior.
  • 25: 9 – A plague killing 24,000 people seems harsh, but God’s plan was to set the Israelites apart. When they intermixed with other nations, they often fell to the temptation of worshipping other gods. Clearly this Israelite who took the Midianite woman did so without regard to the congregation and interfered with worship in doing so.
  • Chapter 26– The Israelites were meticulous with their record keeping
  • 27:1-11 – All inheritance was passed down through male offspring until this story. This was probably shocking to the Israelites because women were seen as property, not landowners.
  • 27: 17 – In Matthew, Jesus looks at the people of Israel and has compassion on them describing them then too as “sheep without a shepherd.”
  • 27:18– Joshua becomes Moses successor. He also becomes the first official judge of Israel

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