February 14th

Numbers 17-18

  • Chapter 17—This is intended to be proof to the Israelites that God has chosen Moses and Aaron to lead them, and that it’s the people of Israel, not their leadership, that have offended God repeatedly. Prior to this, the people were blaming all of their misfortunes on Moses and Aaron, rather than admitting their mistakes. In verse 12 the Israelites finally seem to grasp the magnitude of the situation.
  • 18:8-11 – Aaron and his family are given everything that is offered to the Lord. They receive this instead of an inheritance because the Lord is to be their portion.
  • The Levites also got no inheritance of the people of Israel. Instead, they got the tithes offered to God.
  • 18:26 – The Levites were supposed to tithe off of the tithes they received. This is kind of like pastors tithing since they are paid by the tithes of the church members

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