What to expect this week

You did it! You finished Leviticus!

I actually like Leviticus and think there’s a lot we can learn from it, but even I have to admit the Numbers is much easier to read.

When I read Numbers, the image that comes to my mind is a family road trip: You’ve got God and Moses sitting up front with all of Israel in the back seat constantly whining and asking “Are we there yet?” every thirty seconds, and God and Moses keep threatening to turn the car around (or drive it off a cliff- God threatens to kill them all on multiple occasions, and it’s hard to blame him).

I actually get frustrated and annoyed when I read Numbers because of the way that the Israelites behave, and when that happens I begin to understand God’s patience and mercy in new ways- largely because I begin to realize how often my own behavior mimics that of the Israelites in this book.

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