February 9th

Numbers 1-4

  • 1:2 – The Israelites are counted by their tribe – the 12 tribes of Israel – the 12 sons of Jacob (also named Israel)- Technically, there are thirteen tribes, because instead of a tribe of Joseph, there’s one tribe for each of his two oldest sons: Manasseh and Ephraim. Since the tribe of Levi is never given it’s own area of camp or it’s own section of the promised land, but is instead scattered amongst the other tribes and the Tabernacle/Temple, we still refer to them as the twelve tribes .
  • 1:3 – The census was to determine how many men Israel had who were eligible for war.
  • 1:27-54 – The Levites were not counted because their job was to take care of the tabernacle.
  • 2:1– Just like the homes were supposed to face the Tent of Meeting, certain Jewish prayers are supposed to be said in the direction of the place the temple was.
  • 3:38 – Interesting that part of the priestly duty was to guard the temple. This seems like a strange task for priests. I am definitely not the person you want guarding the church.
  • 3:44-51 – The Levites weren’t killed in exchange for the first born of each Israelite family, they were simply set apart for service to God and the Lord allowed that commitment to redeem the lives of all the first born.
  • Chapter 4: Each family group had a specific purpose they were tasked with that helped the whole group succeed.

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