What to expect this week

It’s week 2 of Leviticus- hang in there! I know it makes for some pretty dry reading, but believe it or not Leviticus is relevant reading for us today. Leviticus gives us a picture of how God wants us to live.

I’m not taking literally about the various sacrifices that are laid out in the book, but about the high moral standards God sets for his people. Just because you and I aren’t required to slaughter a goat every time we sin doesn’t mean that we aren’t still being held to the same high standards as ancient Israel- the only difference is that Jesus offered himself up as perfect sacrifice, so now our response to sin is repentance.

Here’s what I think you should take away from reading Leviticus:

  1.  God has high expectations for his people
  2. Those expectations for personal and social morals are still in effect today and should influence how we treat each other, how we think, how we speak, and even how we treat the physical world we live in.
  3. Even in setting these high standards, God finds ways to show mercy and compassion- look for examples of this.

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