January 31st

Leviticus 5-7

  • 5:7- God demands sacrifices to atone for sins, and God demands the very best. At the same time, God is merciful; not everyone has a bull or a sheep, or the money to buy one. In light of this, God allows for different, cheaper animals to be sacrificed when necessary.
  • 6: 12-13- The fire is constantly burning and the priests are always tossing chunks of meat into. So, the Tabernacle always smelled like burning meat. Not cooking meat- which smells delicious- burning meat, which most definitely does not smell delicious. Kinda makes you wonder why the Bible describes burnt offerings as “a smell pleasing to the Lord.” I think God has a weird sense of smell.
  • 6: 26 – Interesting that priests are to eat the meat of sin offerings. It seems that it would be considered unholy or untouchable.
  • 7: 19-21 – There were a variety of things that could make a person or thing unclean. Anyone who was unclean had to undergo a ceremonial washing and/or a period of time for them to return to cleanness.
  • 7: 34 – The breast and right thigh were set aside by God as the Israelites’ payment to the priests. I can’t speak for Andrew, but personally I’d be ok accepting meat as part of my salary.

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