January 30th

Leviticus 1-4

  • We obviously don’t sacrifice like this for our sins anymore. Instead of ignoring this because it’s not relevant, it might be helpful for us to think about how much more seriously we’d take sin if we always had to sacrifice something valuable for it.
  • Note that no matter what type of offering a person is bringing, they’re required to bring the very best- a bull “without blemish”, “choice flour and oil”, etc. In other words, a sacrifice has to really be a sacrifice: these aren’t things that are easy to give to God.
  • Chapter 4: just because a sin is unintentional doesn’t grant the sinner innocence. The morals laws created by God are just like the laws of physics: they’re part of the fabric of creation. If you trip, you fall- intent doesn’t factor into it. The same is true for sin.

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