January 28th, Exodus 32-34


The golden calf always puzzles me. These people have seen countless miracles and God has literally fed them day by day in the desert, and STILL they made an idol and worshiped it. It seems crazy, but we’re really not that much better. How many times have we all turned away from God and toward some idol (money, power, husbands, wives, etc) even when we’ve seen God work miracles in our lives?

  • When the Israelites feel abandoned, they are quick to demand some form of god. Aaron, the head priest, and brother and right-hand-man of Moses, obliges.
  • 32:11-14 – Proof that God does listen to prayer.
  • 32:18-20 – Moses must have been so disappointed. He had put in so much effort to lead these people from slavery and eventually to the Promised Land. It must have been like a parent finding out their teenager is on drugs.
  • 32:24 – A lie. Vs. 4 explains that Aaron fashioned the calf with tools.
  • 33:11 – Seeing God face to face is pretty incredible considering the glory of the Lord was so great that most of the Israelites weren’t even allowed to touch Mt. Sinai when God met with Moses on the top of it.
  • 33:16 – It is God’s presence with them that makes the Israelites distinct.
  • 33:19-23 – Even though it’s just his back, Moses is the only person to actually see God.
  • 34:10 – God makes another covenant with Israel.
  • God was very explicit not to leave any remnants of other gods in their land so they weren’t tempted to worship them.
  • 34:26 – We are called to give to God off the top. Give to him first before we buy or pay for other things.
  • 34:28 – Jesus also did a 40 day fast.
  • 34:30-35 – It is believed that Moses’ face shone from the glory of the Lord.






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