January 24th, Exodus 22-24

  • 22:1-31; laws may make for boring or confusing reading, but as you read through these try to see evidence of God’s mercy- look for the ways in which God is making allowances for human sin and frailty
  • 23:1-9; basically, do the right thing and treat people the way you’d want to be treated, no matter who the person is
  • 23:10-11; in addition to providing for the poor, this is actually an environmentally wise practice- it lets the soil replenish the nutrients lost in the previous years
  • 23:12-13; notice that even the farm animals get to take a Sabbath rest- God’s people are to treat animals differently than other people
  • 24:18; you have to wonder how the people could see this and doubt the power of God

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