January 23rd, Exodus 19-21

  • 19:5-6; this applies to Christians, too
  • 20:1-21; the Ten Commandments. These are rules for us to live by- just because they’re in the Old Testament doesn’t mean they’re irrelevant
  • 20:24-25; God doesn’t want fancy altars made from materials that have been altered (hehe) by humans- God made the earth, and God likes the things he made. Therefore, and altar made from dirt or from rough (uncut and natural) stones is what God wants.

21:1-11; it’s disturbing that the Old Testament seems to condone slavery. In fact, though, it doesn’t condone it: it tolerates it. Slavery was a fact of life in the ancient world (and it was a very different practice from the slavery practiced in the US), but the laws concerning slavery in the Old Testament guaranteed that the Hebrew’s would treat their slaves better than any of the surrounding people. This doesn’t mean slavery was a good thing- it means that God recognized that his people were broken, flawed people, instead of banning slavery (knowing that they wouldn’t follow that law) God created laws that forced them to treat slaves well

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