January 22, Exodus 16-18

God provides for his people in the desert- but he only gives them exactly the amount of food they need. They can’t gather extra food, which means they’re totally dependent on God. This sounds hard, but this time will forever be remembered by the Jewish people as a sort of golden age when they were close to God- throughout the Old Testament, “the wilderness” is a symbol for holiness and intimacy with God.

  • 16:3; it’s astonishing that these people just saw God lead them through the desert in a pillar of clouds and fire and drown Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea (not to mention all the plagues) and STILL they don’t have faith that God will provide for them.
  • 16:4; note that they can’t gather extra manna- they’re going to have to rely completely on God each day
  • 17:1-7; again, the people doubt God
  • 18:3-4; people had weird ideas about naming their children back then
  • 18:13-23; Moses still has no idea how to be a leader, his father-in-law has to teach him one of the most basic leadership skills: delegation

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