January 21st, Exodus 13-15

  • 13:11-16; because all the firstborn children and livestock of Egypt died to give Israel freedom, now all the firstborn children and livestock of Israel belong to God. Children are redeemed by sacrificing a lamb at the Temple- redemption means their parents have bought them back from God by sacrificing an animal in their place. When we say Christ has redeemed us, we mean something similar- Christ suffered for our sins in the same way that the lambs were sacrificed instead of children, which is another reason we call Jesus the Lamb of God.
  • 13:21-22; can you imagine God appearing as a giant pillar of clouds and fire to lead you through the desert? It must have been an amazing sight!
  • 14:4; the story of Exodus is a cosmic struggle. The Egyptians worship Pharaoh as a god, and Pharaoh believes that he is god. The real God wants to leave no doubt as to who Pharaoh really is, and who God really is.
  • 14:11; I love how sarcastically the Israelites are talking to Moses here
  • 14:14; this is still true for us today
  • 14:15-16; Moses must have thought this was a ridiculous plan, but he still did it, and God was faithful
  • 15:1; singing is a common response to God’s saving acts. It’s why we still sing in church every Sunday
  • 15:22-25; the first of many times that God miraculously provides for Israel in the wilderness






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