January 18th, Exodus 4-6

Moses is my favorite Old Testament figure because of the way he constantly argues with God. I love it- it’s something we all do, but Moses just does it better and doesn’t ever seem worried that he’s going to tick off the Big Guy Upstairs. On the surface, that seems like a major character flaw, but actually it speaks to a level of trust and intimacy with God that we should all try to achieve.

  • 4:1-9 – God performs a few smaller miracles to prove to Moses his power and that he was with him.
  • 4:10-17. This may be my favorite scene in the Bible; Moses doesn’t want to do what God is calling him to do, so he argues with God and thinks of every excuse he can. How often do we all do this in our own lives? Remarkably, God compromises with Moses in the end by letting Aaron handle the talking. God wants to work with us, and will empower us and compromise with us when need be.
  • 4:21-23 – These verses are a quick summary of what is about to go down through the plagues, hardening of Pharaoh’s heart, and Passover.
  • 4:24-26 – Though a confusing and disturbing story, it seems that Moses had not fulfilled the Lord’s command that all Israelite males be circumcised. In positions of leadership, we are held to a higher standard of faithfulness and Moses wasn’t meeting the minimum. Zipporah’s quick thinking resolves the issue and ends the conflict.
  • 4:29-31 – Moses and Aaron had to first get the Israelites on board before they confronted the Egyptians.
  • 5:1-21 – Moses and Aaron’s initial presence and request is actually detrimental to the Israelites as Pharaoh, in his anger, makes their work even harder on them.
  • 5:22-9 – God explains to Moses, and Moses to the Israelites, that God will restore the Israelites to the freedom and plenty of the covenant they’re under, but the Israelites are too oppressed to hear it.
  • 6:2-9 – ancient Jews knew their history and revered the patriarchs; normally this type of introduction of God and explanation of what he would do would have been powerful; they were so separated and broken, it did not
  • 6:10-13 – Once again, Moses has a set back and wants to shrink from what God is calling him to.
  • 6:14 – we begin to see people identified by tribe. Moses and Aaron come from the Levite tribe

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