January 15th, Genesis 46-47

Finally- after decades of separation during which Jacob was certain that his son was dead- Jacob and Joseph are reunited. It’s hard to imagine what the two of them must have felt when they saw each other for the first time.

  • 46:2 – Once again, a servant of God hears his voice and responds, “Here I am.” It should be an aspirational goal that we begin to respond to God’s callings with “Here I am.”
  • 46:4; God knows he will one day lead Israel back out of Egypt and he foreshadows it here. God knew the Israelites would be enslaved in Egypt, and still he led them there because the other option was for them to starve to death in Canaan. Sometimes God leads us into bad situations because, bad as it may be, it’s the best option.
  • 46:26-27 – Now all of Jacob’s family moved to Egypt where Joseph was in control.
  • 46:28-30; Jacob has believed for decades that his son was killed and eaten by wild animals, now he’s reunited with him- his statement that he can die now that he’s seen his son again is probably something of an understatement.
  • 47:9 – This is an interesting admission. Though Jacob clearly served God in a variety of ways and was blessed abundantly, Jacob should not be viewed as a moral role model, but an example of God using flawed people for his grand purposes.
  • 47:23-26 – Because of Joseph’s shrewdness, the Egyptian government is able to sustain all the people through the famine and gain all the land. He then implements a 20% tax to ensure the Pharaoh will have enough grain forever.
  • 47:27 – This is how the Israelites ended up in Egypt, which eventually put them in slavery.

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