January 12th,Genesis 38-40

After a brief sidestory that highlights just how terrible Judah and his sons are, we return to the story of Joseph.

At first, Joseph’s enslavement doesn’t seem so bad- he quickly earns the trust and respect of his master and is given a place of privilege (for a slave, at least). Unfortunately for him, things take a bad turn rather quickly.

  • 38:1-30 – This is a series of Judah and his family being sinful and facing the consequences. Two of his sons were killed for not doing right in the sight of the Lord. He was unfair to Tamar and she ends up pregnant by tricking him. Overall, it sounds very dysfunctional
  • 39:1-6 – Joseph’s life was a series of extreme ups and downs. He was the favorite son and had dreams of ruling over his family, but then was sold into slavery, but now has risen to power in his master’s house. There is more to come.
  • 39:7-20 – This is one of those rare times when you’re punished for something you are completely innocent of. Joseph must have wondered where God was and what he was doing in this situation.
  • 39:21-23 – But it is made clear that God had not forsaken Joseph, but sustained him throughout his time in prison.
  • 40:8- So far as we know, Joseph has never interpreted dreams before. Here he’s simply expressing his faith in God- if interpretations belong to God, then surely Joseph as God’s servant should be able to help.
  • 40: 18-19; probably not what the guy wanted to hear
  • 40:20-23 – Joseph’s dream interpretations were accurate, but the chief cup bearer not remembering him must have been disheartening.

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