What to expect this week


If you think your kids (or you and your siblings) fight a lot, just wait- you’ve got nothing on Jacob and his sons. Or Jacob and his brother.

We’re continuing the story of Abraham and his family this week, beginning with Isaac. Isaac has two sons: Jacob and Esau. Esau seems a little slow, but he’s kind of a good guy. Jacob  seems a little more cunning, but he’s definitely not a good guy. Pretty much all of Jacob’s sons are terrible. Remember: God uses flawed people to accomplish his goals. Abraham’s descendants in Genesis are a mixed bag; some (Isaac, Joseph, Reuben, Esau) seem better than others (Jacob and nine of his twelve sons, Judah in particular). However, God uses all of them and even the worst among have redeeming moments in the story, while the best of them still show deep character flaws and poor judgment at times. Nobody is perfect, and God can work with imperfect people.

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