January 2nd, Genesis 4-7


^In case you’ve ever wondered what Cain and Abel looked like.

Today’s readings continue the downward spiral of humanity. Cain kills Abel, and then humans get so bad that God decides to wipe them all out and start over with Noah. Fun stuff!

  • 4:5 – Did God not have regard for Cain’s offering because he was not offering his best? Or was there another reason?
  • 4:9- Presumably God knows exactly what happened to Abel; why did he ask Cain?
  • 4:26 – Before this, individuals had called upon the name of the Lord, prayed, and worshipped, but now families and people groups were gaining size and began to worship corporately.
  • 5:24: The book of Hebrews also mentions Enoch and how, because he pleased God, he did not experience death but was simply taken.
  • 5:25-27 – Methuselah is the oldest recorded person in the Bible.
  • 6:6 – A powerful verse suggesting the extreme extent of man’s wickedness and the degree to which it pains God.
  • 6:8-9 – Noah seems to be the only person on earth who is purposefully walking with God.
  • 6:22 & 7:5 – It is noted throughout the Bible when people follow God’s instructions exactly. This should be our goal too. Also note that Noah built the ark before the rains came- he was faithful even when he couldn’t see why God had told him to build the ark.

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