November 3 – Daily Notes – Amanda

Dr. Evil listening

It is pretty typical of people in my generation, who have a transformative faith experience as adults to point a finger at the church they grew up in saying, “We never talked about Jesus” or “I never really heard the gospel”, etc. I think this is false. I think it would be better stated from most of these people to say, “I never listened.” Today’s Hebrews reading explains to us that many of us hear the gospel but fail to listen so it has to be repeated over and over until we finally decide to let it sink in.

Ezekiel 7:1-9:11:

  • 1-13 – God declares a day of wrath and reckoning.
  • 14-22 – This section describes the shame and consequences that will fall upon the people during the wrath.
  • 1-18 – The Lord, in a vision, takes Ezekiel on a tour of the sinful, idolatrous acts the Israelites were committing in the temple.
  • 1-11 – This section is reminiscent of the Passover where you needed a certain sign to be saved. God said that the folks who did not approve of the abominations happening in the temple would receive a mark on their head and be saved while all others would be struck down.

Hebrews 5:1-14:

  • 7-10 – This may sound like Jesus was, at one point, not perfect. This is not the case. Instead, these verses suggest that Jesus did not have an easy path but still had to live and experience the challenges of human life and gain knowledge and experience.
  • 11-14 – This is so true of all of us. We hear and should be moved and changed by the gospel. Often we just hear it and do not allow it to change us. This causes us to need to hear the same soft message over and over.

Psalm 105:1-15:

  • This psalm, like several others, implores others to praise God and then reminds them of reasons why they should.

Proverbs 26:28:

  • Empty flattery does no good for anyone.

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