October 15 – Daily Notes – Amanda

augustus gloop

If you’ve ever gotten a stomachache from eating too much ice cream, you know how true today’s Proverb is. God gave us so many good things, but we tend to take those good things, over indulge, and make them harmful. Let’s receive our blessings humbly and without trying to make them more than they are intended to be.

Jeremiah 26:1-27:22:

  • 1-15 – Jeremiah prophesied against the city and those heard it were not pleased. They threatened to kill him, but he made it very clear that if they did, God would certainly enact the prophecy against them.
  • 8-15 – Though it may sound odd, since God normally did not want the Israelites to serve other kings, he encourages them to serve Nebuchadnezzar. Presumably, this is after Nebuchadnezzar’s change of heart towards God.

2 Thessalonians 3:1-18:

  • 6-12 – Paul warns against laziness and continues to ask Christ followers to follow his example.
  • 15 – This is a powerful verse on how to treat believers who are not acting as such. We are still called to care for them.

Psalm 85:1-13:

  • 8-13 – This psalm beautifully expresses all the good attributes that come from God and how abundant they are and available for our good.

Proverbs 25:16:

  • Good, practical advice. Too much of a good thing, is bad.

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